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Shaun Gold

  • Grew up outside Detroit, no money and bad weather. Forced to create hustles to make money. Hustler at heart, thinking of ways to make money. Traded cards. 

  • Entrepreneurial from the start. Always took chances and didn’t care about failure.

  • Chose University of Miami just to party LMAO

  • Built his reputation the first two years of college on building parties

  • Took the unorthodox entrepreneurial route by building his business through parties rather than classes.

  • Mentions that what you do in school matters in terms of building connections,  making friends and making the most out of life.

  • Was in the right time, right place, and right hustle. Emphasizes the importance of hospitality

  • Didn’t do drugs and barely drank. Left parties early. Focused on building connections through parties rather than partying

  • A lot of people got burnt out because they didn’t know how to handle life.

  • Courage is about doing little things day to day


  • !!!! Utopian journey and his book in the newsletter!!!!!!

  • PROSPEL- Australian Company for job placement

  • Orikai- Australian company for job placement

Shaun Gold
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