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Josh Bonhotal

  • Only child

  • Mom always believed in him

  • Never stop dreaming. No such thing as a bad failure

  • Has good morals and family values. Talks highly of his family

  • Wanted to play for the Bulls originally

  • Branched off into the sports and conditioning niche after realizing basketball goal was inevitable

  • Reached out to everyone he knew in the sports world to build his first connections

  • Each door that you open and take advantage of the opportunity

  • Connections helped him get in with the head coach at the University of Wisconsin

  • Scott Hendbak gave him his initial opportunity to learn

  • Never gave up and talked to everyone he could about landing an internship

  • Wanted to add value to everyone in the organization

  • Put 100 percent into every thing that he did

  • Didn’t want to leave the Bulls, but had to because it was the only way to advance his career

  • Gave empowerment to players and built relationships with the rather than reprimanding them

  • Cared more about relationships rather than power

  • He measured a lot of the players data to adjust performances to limit injuries

  • Said that laughter was one of the best ways to lite his team’s morale

  • Wanted to rebrand himself that's why he made the switch from strength and conditioning to law school and then VC

  • Looks for hard workers like himself

  • Having a vision rather than a goal is pretty important

  • Open to many opportunities

  • Built relationship with CEO of TX where he became one of the first investors in future

  • Betting on people rather that the company

  • Good at building teams and attracting talent

  • Understanding where he is at in terms of data so that the best possible decision can be made

Josh Bonhotal
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