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David Hendren

Episode 28

  • David's father was a pediatric surgeon who made a great impact on the medical field.

  • Despite his profession, there was only one child in the family who did not follow the medicine route.

  • He for being a nice guy who spoke slowly but with great diction.

  • He originally went to law school at Dartmouth, which led him to doing corporate work.

  • To raise a fund, one must propose their idea and convince others of its value in another company.

  • To set oneself apart, it is important to be different. The father often advised to "be confident" in one's uniqueness.

  • One must also accept that they won't always succeed and that not every investment will be the best.

  • The father emphasized the importance of recognizing the hard work and risk involved in the work of others, even if they do not have the same opportunities.

  • It was advised to learn from mistakes and pay attention to one's surroundings.

  • One of the successful exits was Novas Pharmaceuticals, started by John Corwley, which aimed to cure a disease that two of his children had.

  • David often talked about life advice, including the belief that making bad decisions is better than making no decision at all.

David Hendren
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