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Ali Parandeh

  • Lived in Iran, France, Spain, and the UK

  • Took the best from each culture. Very multicultural.

  • Went to private school in France and Spain

  • Spain and Iran are two totally different places for work. In Spain everyone wants to work for the government and in Iran everyone wants to start their own business.

  • Worked for biotechnologies as his first job. Was able to set up his next business from his first job.

  • Started URBUTUS as a hobby. Realized potential and made connections. Then started to take it more seriously and build a platform for his company. Went to build all of the background.

  • Learned everything from entrepreneurship and startups from URBUTUS because nothing that he did went as planned.

  • Early days of URBUTUS where volatile. Everything went up and down. Instability and craziness.

  • Had problems pricing his service initially. First model for pricing was extremely complicated.

  • This guy is humble in the way that he carries himself. Make failures and love what you do. Very wise man.

  • Set your bars hugh because you never know when you are going to reach it. Aim for the moon and land in the stars.

  • Closing quotes: Don't follow money, follow passion and money will follow.

Ali Parandeh
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