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Lets get Snappy

Good morning, hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did, I had the pleasure of interviewing Clara Tarantul on CurveBall DFI-ed, if you haven’t listened to it you definitely should also I am currently in sunny Florida life can't get better. Anyways to start this week off strong I would like to bring your attention to Snapland. This is an Israeli startup that is a real estate search engine that understands and analyzes the value of land and properties.

You may be wondering how does it work and what makes it different than the competition. “Snapland's search engine collects data 24/7 from dozens of sources into one platform. This data includes insights about the actual status of the property, delivered building permits in the area, recent deals made around the address, the average price per square, and statistics. You will also find assessors’ reports, legal insights, public transportation, and demographic data.” You could find out all the right details from your future restate investment by getting a report. You will be able to see updated maps schemas, PDF links, and building rights policies and will have access to data that isn’t available.

All of the data that is created is on one page so you would be able to move around on the tab. You can also favorite locations and get updates every time something changes. This is superior since you don't have to manually put in the information every time or even check it, you will be notified when something changes. Snapland does have open positions and if this is something that you are interested in you should definitely apply.

See you tomorrow. - David Ioffe

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