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Catch a Break

2022 has just started and I am sure that you are overwhelmed with all of your New Years' resolutions pushing yourself to the max. I would like to bring your attention to a start-up that could help you accomplish your goals easier. It is a chrome extension that manages your stress levels and pops up to do breathing exercises when it notices that you are overwhelmed. It takes a 1 to 3 minute break that is either a guided meditation, breathing exercise, or seated movement. This is all done from your workstation and reduces stress and increases productivity.

You, yeah I am talking to you. Why haven't you paused the reading of the article and go download the app and as it is installing continue reading?

The key to being successful is knowing your body and what works for you. Through this chrome extension, you will be able to figure out what color calms you down most and be able to track your health. You could see the progress that you are making as the quality of your work goes up. As a person that has been using this application for about a month, I can attest that this is extremely useful. This application can also play soothing sounds and reduce stress with background noise. Being from NYC I have enough background noise and this new noise isn't a feature that I use regularly. However, when I was working out of Texas I used this feature and the calming water sound helped.

This application works very easily so follow the steps to get started:

  1. Download the chrome extension and define your wellness goals.

  2. Activate it and receive break reminders, you could customize it to your choosing and see what works best for you over time.

  3. Enjoy the Benefits of the break and see the magical effects it has on your life.

This application is developed by some amazing people. Hannes Bend has been working in this industry for a while and has worked with Wim Hof in the past on a biofeedback experience. His name might be familiar if you are a fan of Yes Theory a popular Youtube channel, they shot a whole video with him where they practiced breathing exercises to master the cold. Hannes is using the knowledge that he has to help as many people as he could through Why don't you give it a try, you have nothing to lose.

If you downloaded the application I would love to hear what you thought about it, leave a comment.

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