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$300 without Interest

I talk to a lot of startups nowadays, this in particular I LOVED. When I see a product that helps other people I enjoy the product a whole lot more. EQL Finance is the company that I am talking about. They give people a $300 loan that they have to pay back within 36 months interest-free. This is amazing because most companies charge a premium, 36%, interest on these loans, and the people that need these loans have nowhere else to go. They take the loans with those bad terms and that is why EQL is amazing. EQL is changing the game and I would love to give them a huge shout out that is why the blog has such a short turnaround from when I met them, PSA I met with them two days ago.

I get it sounds too good to be true, let me tell you it gets even better. Not only do they help by giving out the loans they also have an active couponing attachment that helps, customize spend feature which helps people manage their money better, and they even reach out to creditors when the debt is repaid.

Store all of your bank and credit card accounts in one place so that they could help. The app

teaches these people how to budget and save money, improve credit scores, and get useful real-time suggestions. They leverage viral influencers' content and teach you how to adapt to the ever-changing financial world through the form of entertainment.

How does EQL make money you may ask, Businesses need to make money at the end of the day. What they do is sell some information that you put on the website, email, phone

number, etc, to third-party companies. Let's face the facts most companies do this already and that is why you have those ads that just happen to be what you were looking at 5 minutes ago. EQL does what other companies are doing but they are giving you something huge in return. It's a win-win and that's why I support them, if you would like to get involved with EQL they have job openings available, feel free to apply. If you enjoy this topic you may also like reading about which is a chrome extension that helps with your mental health.

As always see you again tomorrow at 6 AM.

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