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Pioneering the next generation of founders.

At TeamDFI, we get you, the investor, startup, and young professional transitioning careers. We have been connecting with startups worldwide and placing motivated students as interns in their programs. We succeed at finding talent at a young age in order to help students find their true passions. We strive to meet innovators, and our whole belief system is to spread help, knowledge, and advice to create a community that comes together to build the future. You can read about our services and members below. 


We have a podcast! Podcast episodes are posted every week. The three main focuses of the podcast are Education, Networking, and Believing in Yourself. Check it out on the Social Media tab!

Social Media

Check out our social media tab for full information about our content on different platforms. Along with the podcast, we post on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our Team


David Ioffe, CEO

David Ioffe has extensive experience working with startups, having helped raise 7+ figure deals over the past three years. He is also actively involved in the startup community. He has been a judge for the Korean Consulate Startup event, hosted a talk for the Green Summit, and is currently the President of the Venture Capital Club at Stevens. In addition, he hosts Curveball DFIed, where he interviews Entrepreneurs in different industries.

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Helaina Schneider, COO

I am an upper senior at CUNY Baruch College studying Psychology and Communications. I am passionate about bringing mental health awareness and improvement to the workplace. I have experience researching topics related to Industrial Organizational Psychology. I am excited to utilize my skills and bring new perspectives to TeamDFI. 

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Lukas Asztemborski, CTO

I am a Stevens student majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I am excited to take on the challenge of managing the technical side of this business and involving myself in the Venture Capital world. I am looking forward to helping you in any capacity that I can.

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Peace Magomero,  CMO

I am a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology, majoring in Software Engineering. With the marketing experience I have from running successful online stores, I want to spread the message of innovation we have at TeamDFI to the masses. 

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Mike Spina, Podcast Producer

I am a Sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology majoring in Finance. My interest in business has led me to the Venture Capital world. As the Producer of the DFI podcast I am now able to pursue my passion and gain experience in an industry that I want to work in after college.

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